The Beatles LP "Magical Mystery Tour"


The soundtrack for the Beatles 1967 made-for-TV movie "Magical Mystery Tour" might be their most psychedelic album. It's got some pretty far out sounds. Check it out! It's one of our favorites. Apple Records '09 stereo remaster on 180g vinyl.

"Just because other people see depths of whatever in it, what does it really mean? I am the egg man. You know, it could have been the pudding basin for all I care..." - John 

But really, the walrus was Paul!!


Magical Mystery Tour 2:48
The Fool On The Hill 3:00
Flying 2:16
Blue Jay Way 3:50
Your Mother Should Know 2:33
I Am The Walrus 4:35
Hello Goodbye 3:24
Strawberry Fields Forever 4:05
Penny Lane 2:57
Baby You're A Rich Man 3:07
All You Need Is Love 3:57

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