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  Disc 1 - Looking Forward The Roots Of Big Star Featuring Chris Bell - OVLP - 223
A1 All I See Is You  
A2 Look Forward  
A3 The Reason  
A4 Oh My Soul (Backing Track)  
A5 Feeling High (Alternate Backing Track)  
B1 Feeling High  
B2 Sunshine  
B3 Psychedelic Stuff  
B4 A Chance To Live  
B5 Germany  
B6 All I See Is You (Alternate Backing Track)  
  Disc 2 - Rock City See Seven States - OVLP - 232
C1 Think It's Time To Say Goodbye  
C2 I Lost A Love  
C3 The Wind Will Cry For Me  
C4 My Life Is Right  
C5 Lovely Lady  
D1 The Answer  
D2 Introduction  
D3 Sunday Organ  
D4 The Preacher  
D5 Shine On Me  
D6 Try Again (Original Mix)  
  Disc 3 - I Am The Cosmos - OVLP - 231
E1 I Am The Cosmos (Original Single)  
E2 Better Save Yourself  
E3 Speed Of Sound  
E4 Get Away  
E5 Make A Scene  
F1 Look Up  
F2 I Kinda Got Lost  
F3 There Was A Light  
F4 Fight At The Table  
F5 I Don't Know  
F6 Though I Know She Lies  
F7 You And Your Sister  
  Disc 4 - Outtakes And Alternates, Volume 1 - OVLP - 233
G1 I Am The Cosmos (Extended Alternate Version)  
G2 Better Save Yourself (Alternate Mix)  
G3 Speed Of Sound (Alternate Version)  
G4 Get Away (Alternate Version)  
G5 You And Your Sister (Alternate Version)  
H1 Make A Scene (Alternate Version)  
H2 Look Up (Acoustic Movie Mix)  
H3 Fight At The Table (Alternate Mix)  
H4 I Don't Know (Alternate Version)  
H5 Speed of Sound ( Alternate Version/Backing Track)  
  Disc 5 - Outtakes And Alternates, Volume 2 - OVLP - 234
I1 You And Your Sister (Acoustic Version)  
I2 Untitled Acoustic Instrumental (Movie Mix)  
I3 Stay With Me  
I4 In My Darkest Hour  
I5 So Long Baby (aka Clacton Rag)  
I6 Fight At The Table (Outtake Track Partial Vocals)  
J1 You And Your Sister ("County" Underdub Mix)  
J2 Get Away (Outtake Track)  
J3 Better Save Yourself (Outtake Track)  
J4 I Am The Cosmos (Alternate Backing Track With Piano)  
J5 Untitled Electric Instrumental (Movie Mix)  
  Disc 6 - Interview With Barry Ballard, London 1975 - OVLP - 235
K1 Interview, Part 1  
L1 Onterview, Part 2  
L2 Though I Know She Lies (Movie Mix)  
L3 I Am The Cosmos (Acoustic Mix)
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